Print of The Week

Print of the week is back but even better! Instead of doing them on paper where you all need to have them framed they are now 11x14inch or 12x12inch acrylic prints! They are SO flipping nice and fancy and will always only be $100 each ( which is a steal because they cost A LOT to be made so I don’t make much on them at all)!

You can grab this piece this week only as an acrylic print! Print of the week ends every Sunday at 10pm MDT. Certificates will be sent out separately and the edition will be limited to the number ordered this week! Xo

*PLEASE note this print is only available for a week. New prints are released every Monday and are able to be purchased through Sunday (MDT time zone). If you see a print you love that was already a print of the week please check the Paint Texture Prints in my print section. The paint texture prints are limited to 10 per size and may have sold out as well! Best to hop on it while you have the chance! Xo 😘 


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