Valley Metro x Heather Freitas x Artlink ( Prints )


      Please note all prints will be sent out at the end of the month after the fundraiser is complete in order to number them to the correct edition size!        

      This collection is created to not only bring beauty to your home but also to the city of Phoenix! 100% of the profits of sales from this collection will be donated to Fresh Start Women’s Foundation - Phoenix AZ. an organization that bring resources and education to valley women to help them get back on their feet! This fundraiser will run through March 31st! 

         Shop, explore and collect limited edition archival fine art paper prints a part of this project! Each print is printed by the artist herself , is hand signed and numbered as well as awarded with a certificate of authenticity. These prints will be limited to an edition of the number ordered during the month of March. 

          We live in a time where anything is possible and that is thanks to those before us who listened to their heart, followed their dreams and tuned the world out when they said they couldn’t. Looking back and facing forward leads to endless possibilities and growth coupled with influence that will create a ripple sure to last generations and beyond. 

         This project was meant to inspire. To remind all women what we were capable of and where we can go when we support one another. To evoke hope and bring about unity. To grow and flourish with those before guiding us and to move forward with passion alongside those amongst us . We all have a gift to share with the world. What is yours?  

         I am exited to announce that a part of this project I have release a few special sized prints ( that will be noted) of which 100% of the profits will be donated to Fresh Start Women’s Foundation here in Phoenix Arizona. These prints will say fundraiser next to them.  “ Fresh Start knows that helping a woman improve her life by equipping her with career & education skills & tools, while providing support services like social work, family law support and mentoring, creates changes that have a positive effect not only on her, but her children, & her family.” 

          I chose this charity because it helps in numerous ways to uplift women in our community. 

          This collection is ONLY for residential ( personal) collections and not for commercial purposes. By collecting works a part of this collection you agree to not use for commercial ( business purposes). If you are a business and would like custom work for your location please email