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 Have you ever had an experience that there were just not words to describe how you felt? Trying by any means possible to communicate your feelings but fell silent? To Freitas, that is what art is about. To connect with people through pieces that fill that silence for you. To heal those with laughter, connect with works that engage and to fuel with pieces that inspire.

    We all have our stories. We all have our trials and triumphs and Freitas is no stranger to the obstacles of life. Due to her life long struggle with chronic illness Freitas found light in the issues that plagued her from a young age. " When I couldn't get answers on what was making me sick, when doctors were perplexed and when no matter how hard I tried to heal myself I failed, I turned to art. The only thing I had control over in my life was trying to help heal others through my work when I couldn't heal myself. "

    "I remembered my high school art teacher telling us that the only way to make it in art was to create a style never seen before. I became obsessed with this idea ever sense and for 10 years failed at developing a style unique to myself. When I finally focused on creating work that was from emotion and no longer focused on creating work that was as life like as possible is when I finally found my style. I felt like I had a child, I just knew, this is it."

Freitas' style has inspired many and is now being taught in classrooms around the United States

Not long after developing her now well known and signature style Freitas obtained her first gallery exhibition where she won second in show with her work denial.

  "One of the bigger obstacles I have faced throughout all this is learning to love myself for who I am and accept what I had no control over."

      It's no wonder that at this time, Freitas has amassed over 64,000 followers on Instagram ( @heather_freitas ). Using not only her work to heal and inspire but her voice as well. "Silence is not an answer. Silence doesn't inform, it doesn't spread awareness, it doesn't heal, and it most of all doesn't help those who feel alone."

    With both her work and her voice talking about issues of chronic illness, self love, body positivity and more Freitas aims to connect with people both through her work and her words by addressing issues close to so many of us that are rarely spoken about. " No matter who you are in this world, people will either love you or hate you. The easiest thing to do is to be yourself."

Since 2016 Freitas has worked tirelessly to heal the world with her work, almost to a point of obsession. She has gone on to (as of August 8th 2021 ) create over 1,200 original paintings, 830 which have already sold worldwide.

She has gone on to collaborate with brands such as Alex & Ani and worked with Gila River Arena to create gifts for Kiss, Cher & Post Malone. Additionally Freitas has had her work in museum exhibitions.... and recently taken a strong interest in public art.

" Public art has the ability to impact people while they are living their daily lives, not just when they are relaxing and scrolling instagram. It has the ability to maybe make someones day better, or more beautiful. It can help them not feel alone, it can heal.

  Since 2016 Freitas has been a part of 6 public art project , 4 of which have been in the last couple of years...with more to come.... stay tuned.

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