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Unicorn Eyes & Twilight Skies ( EDITION # 2 of 9 )

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     This print is apart of an old edition of prints from a different printer and on different paper that is not longer used therefore is discontinued ( lucky you, you get it on sale) and measures 12x12 inches on watercolor paper.  

    This print is awarded with a certificate of authenticity. Unlike other artists Freitas ships these prints flat ( not in a tube) because we understand the battle of getting the prints to lay flat after arrival when shipped in a tube. When you receive your print it should be one of joy and not frustration! 
    *These prints do not come framed. Please explore the bottom of our print shop for framing suggestions and frames that the artist highly recommends. 
    * Size includes the bleed ( white trim) this allows for room for the artist to sign and number the piece while giving you a common size for framing. Some cropping of the image may occur.  Please note a slight color variation may occur depending on the screen you are viewing on. 

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