Spicy Rub Chinchilla Chopping Board

$70.00 USD
15"x11" Rectangular

Made from tempered glass, our chopping boards are heat resistant, offer crystal-clear clarity, are highly durable and made with a chinchilla glass ripple effect that blends and hides occasional scratches preserving the beauty of these for long lasting enjoyment. The ripple effect on the glass also adds a bit more grip than traditional smooth glass cutting boards. 

Each comes with four self-adhesive plastic feet designed to prevent it from slipping on kitchen work surfaces and protect against damage. 

PRO’s / CON’s of glass cutting boards -  I want to do things differently than most businesses. I want to provide pro’s and con’s to the homewares I offer from the research I have done. ALL products ( no matter what they are ) have pros and cons and I want to provide this information to you in hopes of helping you obtain the best functional artwork for your household and thus hopefully creating the best client services out there. 


  • Heat proof
  • tempered glass / toughened glass 
  • No need to oil
  • Perfect clarity , leave out when not in use as a decorative element for your home. 
  • Anti-slip base 
  • Easy clean - You can easily clean a glass cutting board with a wet cloth and some disinfectant spray.
  • Hygienic - Glass cutting boards are more hygienic than a wooden and plastic cutting boards, and poses less of a risk for spreading food borne illness. The reason for glass boards' relative cleanliness is their nonporous surface that does not amass bacteria as easily as mother materials.    


  • THEY ARE HARD! Like marble and granite, tempered glass cutting boards don’t have much give. This is great for not accumulating deep scratches and preventing bacterial buildup but will require you to sharpen your knives a little more often. Please always make sure your knives are sharp before cutting on any tempered glass cutting board. 
  • They are a bit louder when chopping 
  • As with anything glass this can break if dropped. Please use care when cleaning and carrying. 

🫧 Care Guide - Hand wash only.

🔪 With any cutting board please use care and focus while chopping or slicing. 

📦 These are made in and shipped from the UK. Please allow 7-14 business days to receive your new fancy functional art piece. 

Care Guide

Fine art one of the most treasured assets you can own. Good care will guarantee they remain invaluable and special for you and for future generations to come.

In order to maintain the beauty of your fine art for many years, and potentially increase their value over time, this guide will help you to care for your fine art.

For original art and prints - To properly display and preserve your artwork consider the following tips:

•Display in areas away from extreme temperature.

    •Humidity can also affect the artwork. Fine art should be kept around relative humidity 40%-45. If the humidity is too high mold can develop in front and back of the painting. Consider a dehumidifier. 

    •Dust on a regular basis with a DRY soft cloth. Do not apply cleaning products, this can cause irreparable damage.

     •Keep away from direct sunlight. Sunlight is very high in radiation (UV) which will cause the work of art to fade or could increase yellowing of varnish. Indirect light is best. 

     •Avoid positioning lights too close to the paintings or directly above it. The best type of light for your painting is indirect sunlight, recessed lighting, or halogen lights (not ultraviolet).

   •Keep away from smoke. Close proximity to candles, fireplaces or even a cigarette can deposit nicotine and soot onto the surface of the painting.

   Consider insuring your artwork against theft and accidental damage. In the case that accidental damage has occurred or due to poor placement feel free to email heatherfreitasart@gmail.com for a quote on repair costs. We try and make these super affordable for all. 

For care tips on other products such as merchandise , fashion items, planters and more please refer to the individual care needs of these items via the description of the item.

Payment Plans

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Questions & Requests

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