Root - Hand Crafted Boho Crossbody ( handbag )

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  There is only one of this bag and it obviously was made with lots of love. The artists specifically curated all the elements to tie her Root painting into this bag and make it seem like a match made in heaven. I mean how cool is wearable art right?! 
    The entire bag is hand sewn. Please see pictures for stitching. The artist embraces the flaws done by hand and feels there is more magic in being able to see the individual marks of the hand. 
   This crossbody has multiple pockets and an adjustable strap. It is awarded with a linen dust bag and a certificate of authenticity. Rest assured you will be the only one ever with this authentic one of a kind crossbody by artist Heather Freitas. The overall dimensions of the bag measures 8.75x11 inches with the drop length of the strap adjustable and at full length from shoulder measuring 21.5inches 
   Please note depending on the view of your screen slight color shifts may be possible. 

Care Guide

Fine art one of the most treasured assets you can own. Good care will guarantee they remain invaluable and special for you and for future generations to come.

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•Display in areas away from extreme temperature.

    •Humidity can also affect the artwork. Fine art should be kept around relative humidity 40%-45. If the humidity is too high mold can develop in front and back of the painting. Consider a dehumidifier. 

    •Dust on a regular basis with a DRY soft cloth. Do not apply cleaning products, this can cause irreparable damage.

     •Keep away from direct sunlight. Sunlight is very high in radiation (UV) which will cause the work of art to fade or could increase yellowing of varnish. Indirect light is best. 

     •Avoid positioning lights too close to the paintings or directly above it. The best type of light for your painting is indirect sunlight, recessed lighting, or halogen lights (not ultraviolet).

   •Keep away from smoke. Close proximity to candles, fireplaces or even a cigarette can deposit nicotine and soot onto the surface of the painting.

   Consider insuring your artwork against theft and accidental damage. In the case that accidental damage has occurred or due to poor placement feel free to email heatherfreitasart@gmail.com for a quote on repair costs. We try and make these super affordable for all. 

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