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Prickly Pear

A piece celebrating the hidden beauty within the Arizona desert and all the wildlife it sustains. In harshness we can still thrive.

What You'll Need

The beauty in art is in its individuality. Feel free to use whatever supplies you have laying around the house or shop Freitas' Amazon supply store for affordable recommended supplies that can be used for classes to come!

Supplies we recommend...

* are optional supplies


You can pause and play this video as you need and at any time. Simply tap or click on the video to pause or pay it. You will have access to this video for a minimum of 30 days.

📺 🎨 🎉 If you're hosting a party simply pair your phone or laptop to your smart TV for the ultimate viewing experience.

Make sure when you finish your piece to share a picture to our community below!

⏰ This class is 1 hour and 33 minutes long

🖼 I said I was going to paint a frame for this piece in the video BUT as always I changed my mind because I feel like it could look snazzy in so many colored frames 😅

The finishing touches

Varnishing Your Painting

Tips and tricks on varnishing your masterpiece to protect and cherish for years to come!

After you're all finished don't forget to share it with the community below!

Share Your Finished Piece & Experience

We're all excited to see what you created! Share your photos and experience below with the entire Heather Freitas community!

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