Life Is Worth Living In Color

That's why artist Heather Freitas creates what she does. With every movement of the brush it is her mission to bring color, cheer and playful conversation into every home.

Also we can't forget the magic!

Original Paintings

  Of course you like the best of the best and these works are just filled with magic. Who wouldn't want an original piece of artwork? Am I right or am I right? 

All original paintings are awarded with a certificate of authenticity.

Limited Edition Hand Embellished Canvas Prints

  These are not originals but they ARE the next best thing! These prints are to DIE for! know what we mean! Each print has added embellishments such as 23k gold or Swarovski crystals and has hand painted dots, is hand embroidered, signed and numbered! WHEW! that was a lot to say with such excitement! 

   Hurry though and collect your favorite before it is sold out FOREVER as there is only 10 of each! YUP ONLY 10 of each! Each is awarded with a certificate of authenticity.

Limited Edition Metal Prints

 One of our clients FAVS and its hard not to see why! These GLAM prints are on a thin sheet of high gloss aluminum that demand attention and because they are so light weight are easy to hang just about anywhere!

   Each print is limited to 10 though so make sure to collect yours before it is gone! Each print is awarded with a certificate of authenticity!

Wearable art?! Umm Yessssssss Please!

 From wallets, jackets, tanks and purses we got you should know by now we love puns!

   Anyways browse form open ended or original pieces and stand out from the crowd because lets face it...... it really sucks when you blend in!

Garden Center

 AS IF IT COULDN'T GET ANY BETTER! We have a GARDEN CENTER or original one of a kind items.......I think that speaks for itself....go on....check it out.... you know your green thumb wants to click that button!

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