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   I take full blame for awarding myself the typo queen..... but hey at least queens get crowns right?

Keeping it real up in here at the moment it's pretty much just me running all this ( que song...... allllll byyyyy myyyysseeelllfff....end que song ) and I do let typos slip through the cracks.......often. I try my best but it is simply not my area of expertise....creating is.

SOOOOO until I power up and can hire more staff ( but at the same time like want to keep it personal sooooo that's another dilemma ) you may find some typos here and there. Also most likely in my emails ( btw you can sign up below lol )! 

When you spy them just think of me....well being goofy....covered in paint, hair in a bun, coffee in hand. Like Morticia Addams says " Life is not all lovely thorns and singing vultures... you know?". XO

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Freitas is Portuguese and is a typographic name for someone who lived on a patch of stony ground or "broken Stones'. No matter the ground beneath our feet I choose to believe we can all make a difference and with that idea my work is created.