For your walls

Original Paintings

The collection that started it all. With close to 1,300 original paintings sold since 2016 these statement making works are worth a look

Paint Embellished Canvas Prints

Each of these canvas prints have 100's of added hand painted dots, are limited edition to only 25 per piece and are awarded with a certificate of authenticity. While these are not originals... they are the next best thing.


Fine Art Meets Pottery

Hand painted one of a kind planters & vases. Living art.

Limited Edition Acrylic Trays

Sever. Store. Swoon. Endless possibilies for these functional art pieces.

The vision

About The Work Of Heather Freitas

" Her complex layering of colors, meaning and humor is the total package - her work is avant-garde and at the same time recognizable and relatable to many " - VIE MAGAZINE

Freitas believes in the power of art. In the energy one of a kind hand crafted pieces can carry. In the value of limited edition goods. She stops at nothing to create both fine art and limited edition home collections that seed inspiration, humor, conversation and beauty into our every day lives. All of which are created in her signature, iconic and sought after style not found anywhere else.

an artful abode

Custom & Curated

We're all unique and so are our homes. Freitas loves bringing visions to life and infusing them flawlessly into each individual space creating works that demand attention yet radiate elegance. Contact Freitas for pricing and more information about having a custom piece created for your own artful abode.