These pieces are worth designing a room around. Each piece is one of a kind and hand painted by the artist herself. This is a heirloom worthy collection, don't miss out on making your favorite yours will you still can!

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      For your walls and your halls our one of a kind fine art sculpture is a perfect pair with any of our collections for the ultimate artful abode.


      About our Furniture Collection

      Our signature style all started with our paintings. Our original classics. Defined by many as the style of " Freism " our original paintings are brought to life through countless layers & levels and media & mediums that are blended and merged through varying opacities throughout the overall piece. These varying levels dance throughout a blend of impressionism, fauvism, byzantine and pop and are topped off with a sprinkle of pointillism that is infused into our highly collectable furniture.


      Highly collectable

      The opulence of art is in its scarcity. In its rarity. In knowing that you, and only you, have an original piece of art that not a single other individual in this world owns. Our one of a kind furniture pieces take weeks craft and don't come around often making them extra rare and extremely collectable. Reinvent your decor and invest in the luxury of exclusivity. Redefine your space to reflect your one of a kind individual style. Add value to your space with originality.



      Our exclusively iconic instantly recognizable signature style can not be found anywhere else. Not even on Venus and like a far away star one day it will be bright enough to be seen from far far away and yet unattainable. Craft your “ once upon a time “ folktale with heirloom worthy collectables that stand the test of time and become more and more rare with each passing of Halley’s Comet. 


      Everlasting Allure

      You can’t put a trend on individuality. Infuse your space with works that elevate and accentuate any modern trend. Centerpieces that stand the test of time and evoke a sense of place no matter your evolving style. Works that continue to connect, create conversation, tell your story and stay a focal point no matter the vogue mode. Simply put: they are classics.


      Certificate Of Authenticity

      Rare and one of a kind covet worthy pieces deserve posh presentation. All of our pieces come with a certificate of authenticity to proclaim without a doubt the originality of the work for generations to come.