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Get access to one mystery painting video a month ( sent the last week of every month ) for continual fun!

Only $25 a month! ( Save $10 a class)


Learn to Paint With Heather Freitas


" This was so fun! I love this composition and colors. Heather was really good at walking the viewer through the steps.I don’t have a lot of time but purchasing the video class was excellent because I was able to complete this painting in 3 parts. I love the explanation of each part and the reassurance there is no wrong way, and the encouragement to try something different! Also want to mention that I had a little glitch trying to access the class and Heather immediately resolved the problem for me! Excellent class, excellent customer service, really feels like a warm and friendly place to be." - A.G

Freitas has sold over 1,400+ or...READ MORE ⌵

Freitas has sold over 1,400+ original paintings to date and has become known worldwide for her charming and cheerful original style.

She has been full time for 5 years now and recently launched her step by step painting classes where you can learn how to recreate your favorite paintings of hers ( or subscribe monthly ) while learning professional tips and tricks along the way to developing your skill and your own unique and signature style.

I have had so much fun making these classes. It feels like you are there with me, like we're long time friends!

If you're on the fence about taking a class I made a mini ( still over an hour long ) class for just for you to try out!

Art has and always will make a deep impact on the world and that isn't just with the finished works....it is also held within the creation of it too.

Happy painting!


About Our Classes

Paint and sip style classes at paint and sip style prices BUT crafted to help artists develop their skill and style along the way no matter your skill level.

You can take my classes at any time that's best for you & have access to each class for a MINIMUM of 30 days

All my class are structured for beginners & professionals alike. Providing the ultimate experience for all.

All of my classes are not just filled with step by steps and tips and tricks. They are crafted to also connect with you, because after all that's what art is all about!

Most classes have a set time schedule leaving you feeling rushed. I created these classes online so you can pause & play & paint at your own pace.


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" I've never done a painting tutorial before and this was such a great way to start. Heather was easy to follow and I enjoyed seeing the painting come together on my canvas. Using a hair dryer to speed up the process was very helpful and she had a lot of great tips. I highly recommend the video! Happy painting, everyone! " - Madeline G

Easy as 1...2...3

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