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One on one coaching

Our One On One Form!

As a part of this subscription you will get to ask one question a month for discussion.

For instance you can upload a photo of a piece your are working on and I can give you direction to developing your own style or mastering your work. Then the next month you can send the piece you have been working on with my critic and I can help you develop it further.

You can ask a specific marketing question or career question.

I will give you a response and let you know if realistically there is something that you need to learn first before tackling that or provide and example and assign you homework to discuss results and where to move forward after that.

If this is your first session with me please leave a comment about where you think you are in your career along with a couple examples of your work. Please include what sales platforms you have used ( galleries,social, Etsy ect ) and if you have a sales history of. Also if you think there are any areas that you think you already have figured out.

Please provide as much detail as possible. Our first session will be getting to know you and discussing your mentorship path with me!

Please allow me a bit of time between responses.