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How you display wall art in your space can completely change the whole vibe of your space. When sizing and displaying correctly your new work will elevate the space to a whole other level.


We made collecting art by color, medium, subject, message and price a piece of cake but don’t forget to take size into account as well. A work of art in the right dimensions and orientation can anchor and elevate a room, while a work in the wrong size can take away from the work. If you have been wondering about what size to collect we crafted the ultimate guide just for you. If you're still left in a frenzy feel free to email info@heatherfreitas.com and we would be more than happy to fit you with the perfect size or create the perfect custom piece for your space.


The one-half to three-quarters rule. When it comes to selecting the right size work for your space apply the one-half to three quarters rule. When in doubt go BIG! Too much empty wall space around an artwork can make the work feel out of place. This rule can be applied a number of ways.

For empty accent walls or mantles. If you are looking to dazzle a mantle or elevate an empty weird accent wall use a two thirds to three-quarters rule. Pick a piece of artwork that is one-half to two thirds of your available wall space ( the empty space that needs filling with fab art ).

Above Furniture - If you are looking to hang a focal piece above a piece of furniture like a couch, headboard, or dresser we do recommend going a bit larger and applying a two-thirds to three-quarters rule. For this you would place work that is two-thirds to three quarters smaller than your furniture. For instance, if your sofa is 90 inches wide find a work that is around 60 to 68 inches wide. 


We like to make all art focal pieces even in accent settings.

Focal accents are works that are incorporated into other areas of the home. Like small narrow walls or walls that already have accents around them such as lamps, blanket ladders or other artwork. For these spaces we recommend a one-half to two-thirds rule for negative ( empty ) space around the artwork. In this case you still want the work to be large enough to be a focal piece BUT you also need space around it to breath.

Simply measure the empty available wall space and select a work that is one-half to two-thirds the size of that space. For instance if you have 40 inches wide of available wall space you will want to place a work that is 20 to 24 inches wide.


When deciding on orientation ( landscape vs portrait ) , consider the shape of your available wall space. Is the shape of the space more tall or is it more wide?

If the empty wall space is more wide then select works in landscape format. These works are more wide than they are tall.

If the empty space is more tall than select portrait orientation. These works are more tall than they are wide.

Apply these rules will accentuate the space and make them appear to be taller or wider.

Fun tip. We love to double stack. If you have a tall narrow space consider stacking multiple works to elevate the space. Same applies to a wide space. You can add two or three works side by side to fit in a wide space and open up a room even more. Remember the one-half to three-quarters rule? The same would apply here only it would be divided by X amount of works you. want to stack. We usually recommend 2-5 unless doing a gallery wall. Remember to leave room between each work to breath ( we recommend one-quarter the width of the piece between pieces for breathing room ).


In galleries wall art is typically hung so that the center of the piece falls at eye level (56 to 60 inches from floor). This is a simple standard rule when hanging works in your home or business as well. This rule can be bended however if for instances where you want to hang a piece over a headboard or a taller piece of furniture. In this case you would want to frame the work evenly with the surrounding empty wall space.

Like the image above with the artist darling black cat these works hung over the sofa are not at eye level. They are placed at a height where they will not be damaged by the sofa, heads or party animals. They are framed evenly on the sides ( notice the two-thirds rule here ) and they are placed equal height from the ceiling to the top of the sofa.


Collecting large work can get expensive fast. We do partner with multiple payment plan partners but if collecting a large number of LARGE works is not in your budget.... and you have a large space to fill this is where gallery walls are a win. Actually.... they are always a win and such an amazing way to add charm and elegance to any space.

Gallery walls are a free game! Fill up your space with tons of limited edition prints, mix and match prints and originals, fill it up with all originals or even take it a step further and fill it up with wall art and wall sculpture! The sky is the limit.

For gallery walls we recommend using up the entire wall for a meant to be look. Just remember to leave a bit of space between works to let them " breath " and shine!