Chop Block Trivets

Scratch resistant, heat proof & easy to clean these are perfect to use as both cutting boards & trivets.

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      Our chinchilla glass collection is the perfect way to spice up your kitchen prep. Use as a cutting board to prep your meals or as a trivet when serving.

      Our chinchilla glass collection is crafted from tempered glass for ultimate safety and duribility.

      While we don't recommend putting a boiling pan on these they are heat resistant and perfect to protect your surfaces from serveware straight out of the microwave or for placing hot casserole dishes on your table.

      Glass chop blocks are amongst the best for hygienic cooking. They are far less likely to scratch and easier to clean reducing the chances of bacterial getting trapped in the chop block ( like with wood and plastic chop blocks…..ewwww). 

      Technically we wash ours in the dishwasher from time to time…. BUT washing in the dishwasher will remove the rubber feet on the board that keeps it in place on smooth surfaces.

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