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The Reviews Are In!

Explore why our clients keep coming back for more and get inspired by how they style their Freitas finds!


The Reviews Are In!

Explore why our clients keep coming back for more and get inspired by how they style their Freitas finds!

Client Reviews

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Print Club
Veronica Gossweiler
Print Club

This artist ONLY creates magnificent pieces of art, I have NEVER been disappointed in anything she does!!!!

Twilight Pig

This was so fun! I love this composition and colors. Heather was really good at walking the viewer through the steps.I don’t have a lot of time but purchasing the video class was excellent because I was able to complete this painting in 3 parts. I love the explanation of each part and the reassurance there is no wrong way, and the encouragement to try something different! Also want to mention that I had a little glitch trying to access the class and Heather immediately resolved the problem for me! Excellent class, excellent customer service, really feels like a warm and friendly place to be.

Thank you so much for this kind and warm review! Your piece turned out fabulous!

Fashion Club
Amy Loggins

Just got the Fashion Club subscription and may end up doing others. I am a huge fan and it’s possible my favorite artist will be a bigger line item in my monthly budget, lol.

I love this painting so much!!!!! I was finally able to support one of my favorite artists, and I couldn't be happier with it :) One thing the pictures don't do justice is the texture, all the dots and circles and lines, I spent a while just moving it around in the light to admire it when I first got it, thanks for making this wonderful painting so we can enjoy it in our home ♥️


I literally was in awe when I took the giraffe cutting board out of the packaging. I literally just had to stop and just admire the piece. Every detail is striking and rich! It looks so gorgeous and the detail of the glass being textured elevates it even more. It’s just absolutely incredible


The Desert Landscape glass cutting board is absolutely stunning! It came so fast in the mail and it was packaged very securely! Im obsessed!

I’m obsessed with Freitas art

Every piece is gorgeous and I hope to collect Freitas art and collectibles for many years to come. Heather’s art is colorful, vibrant, and fun! I enjoy her collectibles as much as I do her original paintings. In fact, I have been giving her collectibles as gifts to friends and family. I’m delighted to subscribe and support Heather in her efforts to continue creating masterpieces for us all to enjoy!

Thank you so much for your kindness and support over the years. It means more than you know .

Lila Levy
Snoopy Lou painting review

I am so happy with the painting of Snoopy Lou that Heather did. This is the third commissioned piece that Heather has done for me and the 6th piece of art of Heather’s that is hanging in my home. I love her style — she always captures exactly what the subject is emanating. Heather is a wonderful and soulful and hard-working artist. Her artwork really adds such a a loveliness to my home. Each piece is truly dear to my heart for their individual reasons. I wish that everyone had some of Heather’s wonderful work in their homes.

Gorgeous Piece!

This piece is absolutely stunning! I’m so happy to have it in my collection. Heather is so talented.

Fun class!

I took this class with my 13 year old daughter. It was so much fun! Looking forward to more classes.

So much fun!

My bestie came in town and we painted the mushroom. We had so much fun! We skipped the shadow, but we still love how it turned out.

Nova and his Child

Your custom art of our Nova and Child is one of my most cherished fur family paintings EVER💜 I’m so glad I shared the photo with you and that you joyfully painted it into eternal life for our families to enjoy..FUR-ever. 🐈‍⬛

Gorgeous pieces

Heather Frieitas’ art is absolutely stunning! As an artist myself, her work inspires me to try new mediums and experiment with texture. It’s unbelievable that she can incorporate such profound emotion in her art whether it be happiness, sadness, or silliness. My son requested the pieces that we bought from her collection and I will be buying many more in the future. ❤️


Love the video! Watched it once to get my bearings and plan to watch it again and paint with my kids!

So much fun!

I've never done a painting tutorial before and this was such a great way to start. Heather was easy to follow and I enjoyed seeing the painting come together on my canvas. Using a hair dryer to speed up the process was very helpful and she had a lot of great tips. I highly recommend the video! Happy painting, everyone!

I'm so happy you had lots of fun!

I’ve become a collector!

I’ve been following Heather on social media for a few years now and during that time I’ve purchased prints, a handmade sculpture, a pillow, a sweater, and recently, my first original. Every printed image is super saturated and clean with great resolution. The pillow is gorgeous and the sweater is soft and adorable. And my first original… absolutely stunning and beautifully packaged. Everything Heather is luxury and I will keep coming back!

Gorgeous piece, and so fun!

I got this painting in the secondary market, but I adore it. The colors are so vibrant and fun, and the entire piece ties together really well. The texture is also interesting and varied, which isn’t very clear in the pictures. I’m getting it framed with a textured yellow wood frame. The only thing I wish is that there was a little more space around the primary elements, as there is very little standoff from the frame to the words.

Hey there Chris! Thanks so much for taking time out of your day to leave a review! How cool to see my works travel to new places! This piece was made in late 2018 early 2019 and has still to this day had tons of eyes on it even after it sold. Congrats on getting your hands on a coveted piece!

I appreciate your insight on the margins of the artwork as your feedback is invaluable. This is something I started taking more into account in 2021 when I started falling for the bulky ornate frames that do have more of an inlet and is something I am working on keeping in mind with all new works moving forward.

Thank you again, so much, for your review, your support in my work and your insights. Heather Freitas


I wish I could post a picture of this piece, but I can’t. I had it placed in my garden room ( which also serves as a guest room). My bestie visited and fell in love with it. I gave it to her so she can enjoy it at her own home. I miss that painting.

Thank you so much for this and your kindness and continued support. You are amazing


I adore my beautiful mushroom waterfall painting. I ordered it awhile ago but waited to open it until Christmas. It is lovely and will go perfectly on the wall of my new small craft and weaving room that we are currently working to create.

Dusty Pink Evil Eyes Tote Bag

Definitely recommended!

Desert Birth Of Venus
Abigail Clarke

I am the proud owner of over 14 Freitas originals! Heather’s artwork is more than just something to look at and admire. It’s a whole feeling, a whole mood, a whole vibe. I will continue to fill my home with her work; it fills my heart and soul with joy!

I,ordered 4 pillows and they came already to show. Very lovely and well made. The art was great and the colors were very pretty. I a;so ordered a print and it was framed very nicely. Heater is a great artist.

Thank you so much for your support in my work! It means a lot

I'm absolutely in love with this sweatshirt! The fits is just as described online and the way it hangs fully shows off Heather's Punk Rock Flamingo. I've gotten a great deal of questions about it and I hope that others get their own version or choose from the various options. The fleece inside of soft, warm and very comfortable. It's something that is great wearing indoors/outdoors and feels light, while protecting you from the elements.

Maile Smith
Ted is finally home

Thank you for your talent is amazing I love this creation so much and I will treasure it for years to come.

Heart Of Liberty
Laura Nessler

I have purchased several of Heather's beautiful pieces of art. Not only is she EXTREMELY talented, she is prompt with her shipping....most of all she is a genuine person that truly puts herself into her work and her relationship with those that are lucky enough to have one of her works!