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Dare we say the dreaded influencer term?! This program really isn't about influencers. It's about the amazing Heather Freitas community. We don't care about your follower count we just want to give you FREE goodies and create a space where the community can grow together and connect even further!


We firmly believe in the impact art can have not only on individuals but the world as a whole. We could have never imagined 8 years ago that our community would grow to over 60,000 art lovers and artists alike. That over 1,500+ original artworks would sell and be in private and public collections around the world.

It all started as a means to connect. To connect through art. Through healing, comfort, inspiration, humor and beauty. An absolutely amazing community has blossomed here. Filled with more support, love, kindness and encouragement than we could have ever imagined & we want to give back.

We want to connect you all. To build an even bigger and stronger community as we move forward. To include ALL of you in our journey because after all this is about COMMUNITY... not just us.

So we decided to launch our own "influencer" program for our OWN community. No matter your follower count. We want to share your styling videos, a review video or unboxing videos with the community. We want to include the community and bring you all even closer.

As a thank you you will also get free goodies or a big discount on original art!


You must be following us on Instagram via @heather_freitas . This is about engaging our community and connecting with each other.

❌ We do not care about your following count. This is about community, not vanity 💕

You must have a public creator or business profile - This is so we can see if your a good fit based on lighting in your posted reels & is a requirement to be able to add the paid partnership lable to the post.

Color is everything in art. We need to see that you have the ability to create videos in clear natural light.

How Does It Work

At this time we can only approve a limited number of applications per month. We hope to grow that number slowly. We will hold onto submissions for coming months if you meet the requirements above. Submitting an application does not guarantee access into the program. You can submit an application below but please make sure to review all information before doing so.

If you are approved here is how it works!


Heather Freitas will reach out via IG direct message for onboarding & provide you with an initial 20% discount code.

After posting you will get a refund of the paid amount up to the $83 total value ( discount included).


You get up to $83 towards merchandise. This is a FREE 18x18 inch pillow, chop block, tumbler or a free painting class!

You can also select any other piece like a print, woven throw, small painting ect.. & get $83 off the retail price if you choose. For example you can get an 11x14 inch print for $66.

* excludes placemats, custom orders, gift cards & subscriptions


Create a reel under 30 seconds & send it to us via email or DM on IG ( @heather_freitas. )

Once approved we will post it on our account and add you to the paid partnership label ( we believe in transparency so this is a requirement ).

Once you approve the brand partnership you will be refunded the remainder of $83 value within 72. hours!

That's it!

What content is required?

★ This program is designed for reels 30 seconds and under ( some leeway ).

★ This means videos in a 9:16 format ( standard phone camera size )

★ In natural bright lighting ( for color accuracy since color is everything in art ).

What subjects are allowed?

♥︎ Unboxing videos

♥︎ Styling videos of the piece in your home

♥︎ Simply talking about why you picked that specific piece and what it means to you

♥︎ What you do ( or even don't ) like about it. We want genuine content from your heart. Afterall that is what our community is all about.


In your message please make sure to list your Instagram @ handle so we can see if we think you are a good fit. Please also tell us why you think you would be a good fit.

Remember we do not care about your follower count but your profile must always be public and we do want to see lighting and filming quality.

By applying you understand it does not guarantee entry to the program. You may also be notified months later depending on the applications pending ( we care about being fair ).

If approved you understand your video will be used for promotional purposes via Heather Freitas social and heatherfreitas.com

By applying you agree to these terms and conditions

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