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Ace Of Swords - Heather Freitas
Ace Of Swords Heather Freitas

Ace Of Swords

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This original 6x8inch mixed media on acrylic paper ( needs to be framed ) is a part of Freitas’ new Tarot Collection! It is varnished with a crystal clear gloss and is awarded with a certificate of authenticity. 

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*Please note colors may appear slightly different to each user due to individual monitors.

UPRIGHT: Breakthroughs, new ideas, mental clarity, success

REVERSED: Inner clarity, re-thinking an idea, clouded judgement

Ace Of Swords Description

The Ace of Swords shows a gleaming hand appearing from a white cloud, a representation of the Divine. It holds an upright ocotillo branch , symbolic of the mind and the intellect, and at the tip of the sword sits a crown draped with a prickly pear wreath, a sign of success and victory. While this Ace is a sign of triumph, the jagged mountains in the background suggest that the road ahead will be challenging. You will need mental resilience to navigate this path.

NOTE: The Tarot card meaning description is based on and inspired by the Rider Waite cards.

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