As Above Water As Below- ORIGINAL

As Above Water As Below- ORIGINAL

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This piece measures 18x24inches on a deep edge gallery wrapped canvas. The sides are painted black and is is varnished with a crystal clear gloss. This piece is awarded with a certificate of authenticity. 

A look at a few of the symbols within this piece..... Fish- An ever-living symbol
A fish is considered a symbol of the origin of life in accordance with the traditional cosmogonic concepts of most peoples of the Earth: life originated from water, and therefore is associated with the process of fertilization.

Cobra- The cobra symbolizes wisdom, changes, enchantment, hypnosis, protectiveness, danger, poison, determination, fear, strength, sexuality, sexual urges, courage, confidence, transformation, royalty, death. They are also a symbol of speed, defensiveness, and gracefulness.

The Desert. ... There are no distractions, giving deserts an association with clarity, revelation and purity. Because it is such a difficult, threatening terrain type, it represents barriers, obstacles and challenges.