Lesser Chameleon - Original wildlife painting

     The ‘Lesser Chameleon’ is a species of Chameleon that is endemic to Madagascar and is currently listed with the IUCN Red List as endangered. It’s major threats being  habitat loss. (10x20inch mixed media on canvas). 


   The new update on chameleons, conducted by the SSC Chameleon Specialist Group (CSG), finds that over a third of the world’s chameleon species are threatened with extinction. In this survey researchers have assessed almost all of the world’s chameleons: 184 of the world’s 200 chameleon species—or 92 percent of known species. Of these, nine species have been listed as Critically Endangered, 37 as Endangered, and 20 as Vulnerable, making a grand total of 66 threatened chameleons. If the Near Threatened category is taken into account—adding another 35 species—the percentage of chameleons in danger jumps to 55 percent.


Not only are the numbers for chameleons bleak, but they are even bleaker than those for the whole reptile family. In all, 36 percent of chameleons are currently threatened with extinction when looking at those for which there is sufficient data, but the percentage for reptiles as a whole is 19 percent. Although it must also be noted that less than half of the world’s reptiles have been assessed by the IUCN.


This pieces measures 10x20inches and is 🔵AVAILABLE to collect via private messag for purchase inquiry: payment plans are available. 


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