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Limited Release Limited Edition Print - Moon Tides & Jaguar Vibes

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This embellished print has hand painted accents, dots and hand painted thick texture paint using a pallet knife making no two alike making it extra collectable and extra special. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Veronica Gossweiler
Print Club

This artist ONLY creates magnificent pieces of art, I have NEVER been disappointed in anything she does!!!!

Brittany Evertson
Gorgeous pieces

Heather Frieitas’ art is absolutely stunning! As an artist myself, her work inspires me to try new mediums and experiment with texture. It’s unbelievable that she can incorporate such profound emotion in her art whether it be happiness, sadness, or silliness. My son requested the pieces that we bought from her collection and I will be buying many more in the future. ❤️

Suzanne Byas

I,ordered 4 pillows and they came already to show. Very lovely and well made. The art was great and the colors were very pretty. I a;so ordered a print and it was framed very nicely. Heater is a great artist.

Thank you so much for your support in my work! It means a lot

Lacy Smith
It gives life to my living spaces.

I am so proud to own some of Heather’s beautiful artwork! It gives life to my living spaces. I have 2 original pieces and 2 prints and could not be happier with the quality of each. I will say that the depth of the original pieces could never quite come through on prints but unless you are close and used to the amazing texture of her pieces you would not notice the difference.