No.6 Pygmy Hippopotamus

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馃拵 Pygmy hippos are so secretive that their very existence was regarded as a myth by western zoologists until the mid-1800s. Fewer than 3,000 are believed to survive today, scattered across the forests of Liberia, Sierra Leone, C么te D'Ivoire and Guinea. Numbers have declined through habitat loss and hunting. An interesting folklore around this species is that tribes would speak of the Pygmy Hippo finding its way around the forest at night by holding diamonds in its mouth that would illuminate the way.

This piece measures 8x10inches on canvas board (needs to be framed). It is varnished with a crystal clear gloss so no need to have glass in the frame and is signed, dated and stamped on the back for authenticity. As always 10 trees 馃尣 are planted with the sale of this piece of artwork.聽

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聽 聽 鈥ust on a regular basis with a DRY soft cloth. Do not apply cleaning products, this can cause irreparable damage.

聽聽 聽 鈥eep away from direct sunlight. Sunlight is very high in radiation (UV) which will cause the work of art to fade or could increase yellowing of varnish. Indirect light is best.聽

聽聽 聽 鈥void positioning lights too close to the paintings or directly above it. The best type of light for your painting is indirect sunlight, recessed lighting, or halogen lights (not ultraviolet).

聽聽 鈥eep away from smoke. Close proximity to candles, fireplaces or even a cigarette can deposit nicotine and soot onto the surface of the painting.

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