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Twilight Desert Skull - Heather Freitas
Twilight Desert Skull - Heather Freitas
Twilight Desert Skull - Heather Freitas
Twilight Desert Skull ( Original Painting )

Twilight Desert Skull ( Original Painting )

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We often look at the symbolism of death in a negative light but throughout art history the symbolism of death has long been portrayed as a message of rebirth. The death of our old self and process of becoming anew. The beauty of the desert is in the life that flourishes even in one of the harshest of environments. Place in your home as a guide along your journey of rebirth and to lead the way to a flourishing future no matter your circumstances. 

 Size / Media : This original painting measures 6 x 6 inches and is mixed media on gesso board. It does not come framed to allow you to pick the perfect frame for your personal rates and presentation. 

🖤 This piece is awarded with our gorgeous complementary branded gift box which holds the certificate of authenticity. Ready to gift to yourself ( you deserve it ) or for the ultimate luxury gifting experience to those who you believe deserve nice things.

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