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Color Morph Butterfly - Heather Freitas - fine art home deccor

Color Morph Butterfly

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This original 6x6 inch painting is mixed media on museum grade gesso board ( will need to be framed). It is varnished with a crystal clear gloss and is signed on the front. 

This floral infused butterfly was created as a reminder that through life we will have ups and downs. That during life we may experience hardships and celebrations. Everything that we experience shapes us to become who we are today. Butterflies go through an extreme transformation through which I imagine to be quite painful. Many flowers extend their petals towards the sun. Open up to the warmth. Perennials come back to life after a cold freeze. Annuals may only live one season but they grace us with the beauty and reminder of the fragility of life. They are a reminder to embrace the journey, to embrace life.

This work was created to celebrate the ups and downs and in doing so trust that what is to come is brighter than the sun and warmer than the summer that brings everything back to life.

*Please note colors may appear slightly different to each user due to individual monitors. Also because this piece is varnished with a crystal clear gloss some glare in the photos may show. 

This piece is SOLD OUT


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